Nutritional Info



Breakfast: $2.00

Lunch: $3.25

Can be purchased several ways:

Free and Reduced are due by Sept. 30th for the 2019/20 school year. You can download the form below, it will apply starting with the the month the form is received.  This needs to be filled out each year to be eligible.

Free & Reduced Application

Income Guidelines for Free/Reduced Meals

Meal Times

Everyday Options

7:30am - 7:50am

11:30pm - 12:45pm
(varies by grade)

Breakfast: Chef's special, cereal, muffin, breakfast bar, banana bread, yogurt, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, milk (1% white, chocolate)

Lunch: Chef's special, pizza (pepperoni, Hawaiian, cheese), salad bar with grilled chicken & chips or bread, or PB&J with cheese stick and goldfish crackers. Also offered with each meal is an assortment of fruit & veggies and milk (1% white, chocolate).